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On Fake Tattoos

"The film's sort of grungey, Nirvana-esque cinematography also always manages to mix colour with hints of darkness to, creating a very uniform visual style that definitely sucks you into a very clearly defined world of musical culture."

-Thomas Humphrey, Screen Anarchy

"There’s an enveloping warmth to Plante’s tender script and DP Vincent Allard’s buoyant images that belie the loose-limbed, offhand rhythm."

-Jessica Kiang, Variety

"Quebecois film Fake Tattoos is a beautifully shot tale of young love"

-Jane McCullough, The YY Scene

"But Plante lets go of her material towards the end [...] leaving the audience detached despite some strong performances and resplendent images from Vincent Allard"

-AS, Filmuforia

"La réalisation de Plante attire généralement peu l'attention, bien que les images de Vincent Allard soient très jolies."

-Kevin Laforest, Extra Beurre

"A combination of such skillful acting and camera work that we oscillate between feeling like we're sitting silently with the characters, and feeling like we're watching from a perch, knowing before they do what may come next."

-Harry Cherniak, Slamdance Film Festival

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